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Garage doors
Bramy garażowe
Migas-DOOR company specializes in the manufacture, sale and installation of garage doors.
We offer:
  • overhead doors,
  • sectional doors with coffered ribbing and horizontal ribbing,
  • roller doors,
  • double-leaf doors,
  • steel doors.
Wide selection of styles of generic soft cialis doors, as well as elements of their finish makes our products attractive in a variety of architectural applications – for both new and renovated buildings.
The product range of our company includes both non-insulated and insulated doors, where tightness and thermal insulation plays an essential role.
Depending on your needs, each door can be fitted with a service door, air vents, windows or glazed aluminum segment, which will ensure continuous access of light.
The offered products are available in a wide range of colors and indian viagra dangers decorations (including golden oak, walnut, mahogany).
Convenience and comfort of use will be provided by an electric drive with the radio control system operated by a remote control. We believe that the presented products, combined with a wide range of services, will encourage you to choose our company for implementation of various investment projects.

Double-leaf garage doors PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 15:41


Double-leaf garage doors are ideal for use in private homes and as a traditional closing of warehouses and utility rooms. The advantage of this type of gates is their simple design, which gives wide possibilities of application. They combine the traditional look with the safety and functionality of use. Sturdy, steel hinges, lock with a cylinder insert and design system individually tailored to each gate ensure reliable performance and their long service life. Double-leaf gates are manufactured to any dimension and discount buy viagra in the various options of accessories:

a) with or w/o thermal insulation

b) with air vents or air intakes

c) with windows

d) with glazing made of glass units or polycarbonate

e) with a sheeting made of trapezoidal sheet, flat sheet, laminated boards or wood panels.

It is a practical solution for the gates of larger sizes to complement one of the leaves with an additional service door that allows free access to the viagra impotence pill garage without opening the large leaf. Depending on needs, the gate can be performed with symmetric or asymmetric division of the leaves, and in any RAL color. Due to the use of special tendons and actuators, each double-leaf door can be fitted with an electric drive controlled by radio remote control, push-button switch, key-switch or coded keypad.


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Sectional garage doors PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 15:40


Sectional doors are a modern way to close the garage, corresponding to the twenty-first century architectural trends. They are used wherever high endurance, elegance, reliability and safety are required. With the spectacular aesthetics of external ribbing and different colors they are a perfect complement to the appearance of the house and garage, making the building of a harmonious whole.

The door jacket is made of segments with a thickness of 40 [mm] filled with polyurethane foam. The segments are made of galvanized steel sheet coated with polyester paints.

The door fulfills its thermal functions perfectly in heated rooms, providing one of the highest heat-transfer coefficients for the panel of Uk = 0.6 W / m² x K.

Segments have the shaped device protecting against crushing the fingers - "finger protection". Each door is equipped with the system of torsion springs on ball bearings, which includes as a standard the discount viagra canada safety brake that prevents the door jacket falling in case of breakage of any of the springs.

Equipping the door with additional elements such as windows or glazed segments, you can significantly increase the amount of daylight in the garage and make it more functional by fitting additional doors or air vents in its jacket.

The company offers the doors in standard colors and virtually unlimited selection of color shades on request.

All doors of MIGAS-DOOR are made according to the dimensions provided individually, so we can guarantee that we will find the right solution for each customer.

Each gate can be fitted with a high-quality electric drive with an unlocking device mounted as a standard, allowing emergency opening of the door in case of power failure.

The offered drives are individually matched to the technical parameters of the door, and therefore they work without any risk. If you encounter an obstacle during opening or closing doors, its movement is automatically interrupted by the factory integrated overloading switch. Under a broad program of additional equipment, MIGAS-DOOR offers among other things photocells, push-button switches, key-switches, coded keypad, access control cards, or a special radio receiver that allows coupling of the automaton with a security system on a single, 4-channel remote control.




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Garage overhead doors PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 15:37


Overhead doors are one of the most popular doors on the 1 order cialis online market. They are a cheap, aesthetic and functional solution to close the entrance to the garage. By applying proven engineering and design solution they provide for long lasting operation.

An important advantage of the overhead doors manufactured by MIGAS-DOOR is their stable and help buying viagra durable design, with the system of upper, permanently fixed rails.

An individually tailored multi-spring mechanism precisely balances the door leaf so it can be lifted lightly and freely, and when closing it prevents the door from rapid descent.

The door sheathing made of trapezoidal sheet T-8 is additionally stiffened with transverse reinforcements. As a standard the trapezoidal sheet is galvanized and coated with polyester paint in various colors.

Rubber seals around the perimeter of the door ensure its tightness, and the lock with two point locking mechanism effectively prevents the door from opening.

Improved thermal and acoustic insulation in the room is provided by the door Styrofoam insulation finished with PVC panels from the inside. While the version without insulation is a cheap solution for unheated garages.

Convenient access to the garage without having to open the whole door is allowed by mounting the viagra uk next day delivery transition doors in the leaf. On special request the doors can be equipped with glazing or air vents. There is also a possibility to make the door structure ready for individual filling by the customer (eg wooden).

The openwork overhead door is another solution that we offer to our customers. This product is designed specifically for investors building collective and underground garages.

They are the perfect closing for garage boxes while meeting all safety requirements in the field of ventilation.

Our systems for collective garages permit for fast, easy, functional and cost- effective parting of parking spaces into a single or double stand boxes. They are built from openwork or solid partitions and overhead doors.

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