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About the company

MIGAS-DOOR is a company established in Krakow in 1993. Based on many years experience in the manufacture of gates, appropriately selected staff of trained engineers and modern process lines, we make products which are characterized by durability, reliability, and above all excellent quality. Each time, whether we are dealing with a large company or an individual, we strive to provide the solution best suited to the specific activities of our customers and their individual needs. Quality of execution and their satisfaction is our priority, and therefore we guarantee a high level of performance of our products. We service the contracts, both large investments and private sector, in a comprehensive manner. We offer many custom solutions that enhance functionality and aesthetics of offered gates.

In addition, there are no limitations due to the standard values. The company "MIGAS-DOOR" manages the whole execution process "from drawing to installation," thanks to the advanced specialization of individual operating units. In this way we are able to work flexibly and in a customer-focused manner and perform the doors for you so high and wide that will be needed. Owing to this you can literally treat the concept - "made to measure".

Provision of comprehensive services "from the measurement – to the assembly" and reliability of their performance means that our products are known throughout the whole southern Poland as well as in distant cities of our country and abroad.

The company has won many awards for its activities:

Srebrny Laur Małopolski dla Migas-Door  Srebrny Laur Małopolski dla Migas-Door  Wyróżnienie od Firmy FAAC

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